Why Join The Eastside Lions?

Rugby is a unique sport. It's the only sport in the world were all body types and skills are required to make a truly successful team - from the sturdy front row players, tall second row locks, skillful half-backs to the lightning-fast outside backs. Rugby is a game where passion, courage and above all - teamwork - will deliver a victory against the odds. Sounds a lot like life itself? Exactly! That why our mission at the Eastside Lions Rugby Club is to mentor and develop character, sportsmanship and teamwork in youth through the wonderful game of rugby, to help them become healthy, responsible young leaders.


Our coaches are all volunteers and are USA Rugby Certified. Many hail from some of the most respected rugby-playing nations across the world where they played and coached rugby at all levels. We take our mission seriously, and so you'll see our coaches spend many long hours on a dark rainy night passionately imparting their knowledge to unlock the potential in each and every boy or girl.



Regardless of prior experience, players will learn the fundamentals of passing, catching, running, kicking, and tackling. The fundamentals of rugby are terrific supplements to other sports and to the development of a players physical abilities.



The physical demands of rugby are a great addition to any athlete looking to advance their overall athleticism. Running, tackling, evading, kicking, passing, and catching are the essential motor skills rugby players strive to develop.



The Eastside Lions Family prides itself on the level of fun players have on the pitch. Unique games, drills, and activities keep players working hard in a fun environment while building team camaraderie. Off-the-field team-building events are an integral part of our program. The post-game social get-together with opposing teams is core component of how we develop sportsmanship in our players, and it's why rugby is known as "A Gentleman's Game".


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