What Equipment Do I Need?

Rugby Ball (Included in your registration fees)

  • The rugby ball is similar to the American football, only much larger. 


Rugby Shorts (Included in your registration fees)

  • Rugby shorts are lightweight shorts which come to mid-thigh. This allows for ease of movement and running.




Mouth Guard

  • The Mouth Guard is the most important piece of protective equipment a rugby player should own. The gum shield not only protects your teeth and gums during physical contact, it can reduce damage around the jaw and incidences of concussion. As every mouth is different, so every gum shield should be moulded to fit perfectly around the top half of a player's mouth. The best way of doing this is to go and see your dentist, who will ensure the shield is right for your mouth.


Rugby Boots

  • Rugby boots must be worn by all players and these are fairly standard across all codes. The boots should have blunt studs on their soles to prevent slippage when running but usually the referees will check them before the game to ensure they are not too sharp.


Rugby Socks (Included in your registration fees)

  • Rugby woolen socks are worn in the colors of the teams and they are worn pulled up to the knees and folded back on themselves.