Lions Code of Conduct

Eastside Lions Youth Academy: Player/Parent Code of Conduct

The Lions Rugby Club exists for its members. We expect that our players try to perform at the highest athletic level in practice and games, and that players exhibit good behavior and sportsmanship in all situations. To ensure that there is a clear understanding of the specific expectations each player must review and affirm the following Code of Conduct.

Player expectations:

  • Represent the Lions Rugby Club with honor and display good sportsmanship in all practice and game situations.
  • Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of each and every person associated with the Lions Rugby Club and treat each equally within the context of the sport.
  • Win with humility and lose with dignity, and use appropriate language and behavior during and after a match.
  • Have zero tolerance for racist, sexist, bigoted comments and bullying.
  • Support teammates on the practice field, on the game field and at other Lions Rugby Club events.
  • Adhere to all guidelines and rules as specified in the “laws of the game” provided by USA Rugby and Rugby WA and never exhibit behavior contrary to the spirit or laws.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and address them appropriately as sir or ma’am.
  • Respect all facilities and associated privileges and operating procedures
  • Participate in any post–match meal or get-together regardless of the outcome of the match and engage supporters, opponents, coaches and officials in a respectful manner.
  • Use of telecommunication or social media platforms should not include any communications detrimental to the mission of the Lions Rugby Club and violate any of the expectations included in this document.
  • Display good sportsmanship and play safely in all practices and game situations.
  • The Lions Rugby Club values the good health of its players and adherence to all State and Federal laws. Players will not use or possess tobacco, drugs, or alcohol during any club event, assembly, practice or game. 
  • Honor financial commitments to the club and return all club property as requested.


Support by parents, family members and guardians is critical to the success of the Lions Rugby Club and can contribute in many positive ways. The Lions Rugby Club has set high standards of on-the-field behavior for its coaches and players, and it is equally important that parents and guardians recognize the importance of their role in maintaining and adhering to the codes of conducts established to assist in this goal.  


Parent and Guardian expectations:

  • Respect the rights and dignity of Lions Rugby Club coaches, committee members and players.
  • Applaud good play, both by our own teams and opposition.
  • Show respect for game officials and understand that parent/guardian violations during games could result in coaches being red carded by referees and ejected from the venue.
  • Allow the coaches to coach. Offer encouragement, not coaching advice from the sideline. 
  • Support your player by meeting your commitments to the team and club and fulfill any required financial obligations. 
  • Use of personal telecommunications and or social media should not be contrary to the mission and goals of the club or violate any of the expectations outlined in this document.  
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times on the sidelines or within the confines of the match venue. Refrain from booing, taunting or dishonorable behavior. 
  • A parent will not engage in any verbal conflicts with opposition supporters, opposition coaches or officials and abide by any directions provided by The Lions Club coaches or other officials in the case of dispute or conflict with any of the aforementioned individuals. This may include being asked to leave the venue.
  • Have zero tolerance for racist, sexist, bigoted comments and bullying.
  • Support their player after any on-the-field indiscretion that may lead to a yellow or red card, and if needed, assist in maintaining the player’s composure, sportsmanship and understanding of the consequences of violating a law or laws of the game.