Dues for 2017 Season

Dues for 2017 are listed in the table below. Your dues cover registration for Eastside Lions Rugby, RugbyWA and USA Rugby, and each registered player will receive a Lions shirt, rugby shorts, socks and a rugby ball. Eastside Lions dues also cover the costs of attendance to skills clinics and advanced coaching events delivered by Atavus Rugby professional coaches.


Registration is a two-part process. The first is for the Eastside Lions Rugby Club where you will be required to pay the Eastside Lions Dues as listed below. Once you have completed that process, you will be given a link to register and pay the dues for RugbyWA (which covers the dues for USA Rugby). Players must complete both registration processes to be eligible for any practices or games.



Eastside Lions Dues for 2017

RugbyWA+USA Rugby (CIPP) Dues for 2017

Total Dues Per Player for 2017


(Paid during Eastside Lions Registration Process)

(Paid during RugbyWA Registration Process)


Varsity Boys (Grade 11-12)

Junior Varsity Boys (Grade 9-10)




High School Girls (Grade 9-12)

Developement 7/8 Girls (Grade 7-8)




Development 7/8 Boys (Grade 7-8)




Development 5/6 Co-Ed (Grade 5-6)




Development 1/4 Co-Ed (Grade 1-4)